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Crzyflie2.0 Nano Quadcopter


The Crazyflie 2.0 is a weightless, wide connection flying development platform established on a nano quadcopter. The crazyflie 2.0’s size is equal to your palm having a weight of 27 grams aiding with Wifi and Bluetooth

The firmware is drafted in C++.

It consists of the various languages to write the code i.e. python, C#, C++, Ruby, NodeJS, Scala, Java, and Ada/SPARK

Some other features are waiting for you, see below:

Crazyflie Features

·        Little and weightless, almost 19gram and motor to motor is 90mm

·        On the air, time is up to 7 minutes and comes along with the 170mAh Li-Po Battery

·        It consists of Standard micro-USB connector for charging the crazyflie 2.0 that will take about 20 minutes for the stock 170mAh Li-Po battery.

·        On-board low-energy radio@1mW based on the nRF24L01+ chip. Up to 80m range

·        (environment dependent) when using the Crazyradio USB dongle

·        Radio bootloader which enabled wireless update of the firmware

·        Powerful 32 bit MCU: STM32F103CB @ 72 MHz (128kb flash, 20kb RAM)

·        3-axis high-performance MEMs gyros with 3-axis accelerometer: Invensense MPU 6050

·        3-axis magnetometer HMC5883L (compass)

·        High precision altimeter MS5611-01BA03

·      Expansion header 2×10 pins 1.27mm (0.05”) pitch including power, I2C/UART, SPI/ADC. The header also contains ARM Cortex 10-pin JTAG (header not included)

·        4-layer low noise PCB design with separate voltage regulators for digital and analog supply.

     Package Contents

  • 1 x Crazyflie 2.0 control board with all components mounted
  • 5 x CW propellers
  • 5 x CCW propellers
  • 6 x Motor mounts
  • 1 x LiPo battery (240mAh)
  • 5 x Coreless DC motors)
  • 2 x Short expansion connector pins (1×10, 2mm spacing, 8 mm long)
  • 2 x Long expansion connector pins (1×10, 2mm spacing, 14 mm long)
  • 1 x Battery holder expansion board   



2.5mm x 5.5mm DC Power Male Plug Jack Adapter

The best replacement for the power supply jack caters you a stable connection. It is perfect for the most definitive DC power device. 

Weight : 3.5g

Type : 2.5 x 5.5mm

Male Shaft Length: 14mm;

Total Length (Approx.) : 48mm / 1.9" 

Package Content: 1 x DC Male Plug 

ST-Link V2 Mini Emulator / Downloader / Programer for STM8 and STM32 Series Microcontroller


Helping in giving the maximum range of STM32 SWD interface debugging.

Having a very easy interface along with the power supply

The ST-Link V2 Mini Emulator consists of 4 line speed and works perfectly

It can support all the versions of the STM8 SWIM download debugging with the familiar coding climate such as IAR, STVD etc.) can be easily supported.

The versions of the software that it can easily support are mentioned below:

ST-LINK Utility 2.0 and above

STVD 2 and above

STVP 3.2.3 and above

IAR EWARM V6.20 and above

IAR EWSTM8 V1.30 and above

KEIL RVMDK V4.21 and above

It provides the pillars to the firmware enhancement undoubtedly. To assure that the ST organization items support. Whenever they allowance, the firmware outmoded to the immediately prior V2. The J17. S4

It boosts the 5V power output, it can also care for the I/O port, and will not feel nervous or will not become scary because of errors that motive the blow of ST-LINK V2!

Accessible interface to utilize the authentic copper anodize 2.54 spacing horn, with 20cm dupont line, that can easily compromise with the various target board line sequence, flexile connection;


Utilize the U Disk aluminum alloy shell to secure the mainboard, beneficial to haul, not frightened of fixed electricity, not anxious of rolling.

Package involves


1 X ST-Link V2  
1 X Dupont Cable

225 Pcs O Ring Assortment Kit , Seal Rubber O-Ring for Sealing Air / Water Gape

·       Collection O-Rings amidst agreeable resealable plastic case.

·       Total 6 most popular used O-rings Sizes


·       App temperature ranging ‘tween -45 degrees C and 165 degrees C polymer Material: Rubber 

LM358 LM358DR IC SOP-8 Dual Operational Amplifier IC SOIC-8


Black in-line Coding DIP Switch KI 2bit P 2.54mm ON/OFF Selectable Switches

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EWALL- EW2305 2200KV Brushless Motor Green with Accessories (2pcs , CW and CCW ) for QAV230/250/280 Racing Quad


The motor is manufactured by the EWALL 2305 2200KV series motor, having the exceptional features from other 2305 series motors. It has a maximal faith of 460g and has extra potential that is 150W.


Model: EW2305-2200KV
ESC required: 15A to 20A
Max Props Size: 4 to 6 Three Blade Propellers
Lipo: 3S 
Max Current: 13A
Max Power: 150W
Max Trust: 460g
Weight: 24g.

More detail given in the Pictures

Price= 2pcs 

Recommended ESC:

EWALL- EW2212 960KV Brushless Motor Red & Silver with Accessories (2pcs , CW and CCW )

             The motor is manufactured by the EWALL 960KV series motor, having the exceptional features from other 2305 series motors. It has a maximal faith of 460g and has extra potential that is 150W.


Model: EW2212-960KV
ESC required: 20A to 30A
Max Props Size: 9 Inch
Lipo : 3S 
Max Size: 450 to 550mm
Max Current: 15A
Max Power: 250W
Max Trust: 650g
Weight : 50g. 

Recommended ESC :

Please check Pictures for more detail

Price= 2pcs 

EWALL- EW2312 960KV Brushless Motor Green with Accessories (2pcs , CW and CCW )


             The motor is manufactured by the EWALL 960KV series motor, having the exceptional features from other MAX2312 or DJI 2312 960KV series motors. It has a maximal faith of 850g and has extra potential that is 300W.

Model: EW2312-960KV
ESC required: 20A to 30A
Max Props Size: 9 to 10 Inch
Lipo: 3S to 4S (14.8V)
Max Size: 450 to 600mm
Max Current: 18A
Max Power: 300W
Max Trust: 850g
Weight : 50g. 

Recommended ESC :

Please check Pictures for more detail

Price= 2pcs 


Star War / Bike Drone / Quadcopter Remote Controlled

This Drone has a 4 Rotor Design with 6 Axis Gyroscope, which Achieves super Wind Performance. This Drone also Contains Blade Protection Device to prevent blades from Damage during an Accidental Crash. • This Drone has Colorful Flashing Lights & they can glow when it's getting a little Dark. Functions Include, Ascend, Descend, Turn Left, Turn Right, Backward, Forward, Trimming, One-Key Return, 3 D Tumbling Action, Accelerating, Auto Demo Function.

         * Built-in 6-Axis Gyro
         * Hight Altitude Hold automatical
         * Stable Hovering
         * Forward, backward,Left, Right, Side -flying 
         * Steering
         * 3D Tumbling
         * Stunt Function
         * LED Navigation Light
         *  Blade Protection

The Quadcopter contains Rechargeable Battery which can be charged with the Charger Provided in the Package . The Remote requires 3 AA ( Pencil Cell) Batteries Not included in the Package.

16V 100uF SMD Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor 6*5MM MPN: VT1C101MG054000CEO

5pcs 1206 Green SMD LED Light Green (5pcs Strip)

Made in Taiwan


RFID / Keypad Entry Lock Door Access Controller System


63V Boost /Step up Configured Lm2577 Module with Heat sink

Input voltage range: 3.5V-35V ( must ensure that the set output voltage is higher than the input voltage )

Output voltage range: 5.0V-56V

Input maximum current: 3A

Input continuous working current: 2A (good ventilation and heat dissipation conditions, the ratio of output voltage to input voltage cannot be greater than 3)

Appearance size: length * width * height 4.3cm * 3.0cm * 1.2cm

75C 4S 1300mAh 14.8V lipo battery High Quality

Weight: 180 grams