About Ewall
Ewall founded in 2012, is an electronics company for Robotics, Electrical and Mechatronic engineers and for those who zealously devoted their selves for silicone world. The Company product’s & resources are designed to make the world of electronics more accessible to inventor, students & hobbyists, and committed to bringing his customers great values in electronic components ranging from a simple chip to a complex circuitry. The company conducts R&D which is focused on optimizing and finalizing different product related to current problems and technology developments in the world. Our R&D is also working on analyzing new ideas and processes that could lead to future improvements in technology advancement and accelerating industries. EWALL is the first ever Pakistani company that is working on Multi-Rotor UAV’s Drone From high range long endurance large size Outdoor Multi-rotors to small size racing indoor multi rotors. Up to now EWALL has got a lot of achievements, some of which are Mine Predator Multi-Rotor, Dragon Eye 680 long Endurance Multi-Rotor, Night Bee Indoor Night Vision Multi Rotor, Soldier Savior Mine Detector and Security Walkthrough.

Our engineers have the skills to bring quality products to market and accomplish this by using a platform that best suits your requirements based on use, conditions, and price. As a result, you benefit from accelerated development, accumulated experience, economies of scale, and performance reliability

EWALL is an electronics company dedicated to supplying our customers with quality products and services. This company is your one source for customized electronic project design and manufacturing. We provide hardware and firmware design services, prototyping, circuit verification and testing, PCB assembly, and complete box build.

Our Services
  • Customized electronics design & product development
  • Electronic Products prototyping
  • Embedded systems design
  • PCB Design / Layout/Manufacture/ fabrication
  • Electronic Products Design - from concept to completion
  • R&D Based Customized Products
  • Laser Cutting & 3D Printing
  • Electronic Components
  • Re-engineering services
  • DIY Parts and Projects
  • Electronic Gadget
Our Research And Developments

The strategic planning and right managerial decisions have immensely contributed towards the growth of the EWALL. The Research and Development sector is strengthened by the ultra-modern testing equipment and designing equipment which leads to the rapid development in the electronics industry in Pakistan. The vision of the EWALL is to move forward towards the assembly of electronic products and focus on knowledge-based electronics related to Embedded Systems. We use our experience, knowledge, and expert techniques to generate cross- market solutions for defense, medical electronic devices, high-end computing, and specialty electronic products.

In order to promote an inclusive, vibrant and sustainable ecosystem for R&D and innovation, EWALL is working from the past 04 years on a platform to find solutions for the growing societal need and challenges. Towards achieving these goals the R&D in Electronics have initiated various research projects in different areas of technology associated with electronics for the overall growth of this sector in the Pakistan. One of EWALL's strongest assets is our team of talented researchers and engineers. They collaborate on strategic technologies for the future and original technologies designed to forge new market trends and set new standards for excellence. The R&D of EWALL business focuses on technology that is expected to deliver the most promising long-term results. A critical way that EWALL responds to the highly uncertain business environment and the increasingly competitive marketplace is through our commitment to R&D. Each year we invest heavy amount of our sales revenue in R&D activities. EWALL is committed to leading technology standardization. We aspire to be most preferred manufacturer of the most innovative, quality & economical products in electronics world.

Technical Support

Our highly trained customer service representatives are available so you can get any answer for your query that comes in your mind or if you decide to make any changes to you current order. We use best courier services such as Tranzum Companies & Services that delivers all over Pakistan, ship your order safe, and secured. Call us +92 91 5253098 for your new or previous orders or if you have any question regarding our products. We will definitely fulfill all your needs at competitive prices guaranteed!