5 Best Raspberry Projects that will provide you online security

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Online security is well-liked and an important concern in the present era. Everyone needs online security due to high eminence hacking and different malicious malware attacks. You’re also from those who want to know the best way of protecting your sensitive data from hackers and other malicious attacks. So, today in this lesson, we’ll discuss the best 5 Raspberry Pi projects that will provide you with strong online security from hackers. 

After implementing these projects, you’ll be able to apply high profile online security to your online data. At first, we have…

1. Poison Tap by using Raspberry Pi

It was invented by Mr. Samy Kamar (An American Privacy and Security Researcher). He invented a system by using Raspberry Pi Zero & Node Js. With this invention, you can easily gain access to password protected or Locked Systems. 

Read the full document here

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2. Using Nagios as a Security Tool

Basically, Nagios cater networking monitoring for all kind of businesses. And some fields in it are having not focused on security purpose. But don’t worry, when Nagios and Pi become one, they can provide you with much better security. 

In the video mentioned above, you can easily see monitor your network traffic. Here the plus point is that you can also defend yourself from attacking your websites. It is simple to install the Nagios on your pi.

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3. OpenCV Face Detection with Raspberry Pi

Face Detection, also known as Facial Recognition is across the board in observation, yet you can actualize it yourself with a Raspberry Pi. The task requires a Pi and a camera module (in addition to a battery to make it really versatile) and utilizes OpenCV to recognize faces. Hackster.io client MJRoBot has a point by point instructional exercise on getting it ready for action. 

This is a substantially more "physical" security use for the Pi. Compact and simple to expand frameworks are an additional type of passage security, which can be straightforwardly wired to locking or alert equipment. 

Then, this task can expand further by executing a TensorFlow Neural Network on your Pi to arrange assembled pictures. With machine getting the hang of playing an inexorably huge job insecurity and observation, this would be an incredible prologue profoundly ideas. 

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4. The Security OS: Kali Linux

If you're in search of "How hacking works", then you have to take a deep step in "Learn the hack". Kali Linux is available for Linux and ARM systems such as Raspberry Pi. Kali Linux is easy to install. The OS has a few committed gadgets for finding out about data, security in a down to earth hands-on way. Likewise, the transport-ability of the Pi makes it an alluring gadget for expert infiltration analyzers. Download Kali Linux.

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5. Setting up Internet Filtering / Site Blocking with the help of Pi-hole as a DNS server

Pi-hole is a free tool intended to obstruct commercial advertisement completely from your home system. Blocking adverts doesn't appear at first glance to be a security issue, however, many oppose this idea. With tremendous measures of frauds and programmers utilizing rebel popups to start telephonic fake calls and malevolent programming infused into adverts, Pi-hole could spare you from something other than irritation.

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If you’re facing any kind of difficulty in finding the project parts that are necessary for this project then please call or email us. We’re here to help!