5 Best Arduino Projects for Beginners (UPDATED)

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Today, we’ve collected some best Arduino projects for our dear students that will take them to the next level. So, without wasting more time, let start

Best Arduino Projects

1) Arduino RGB Interior Car Lightning (Bluetooth – Arduino App)

In this Arduino project, you can easily learn how to make Arduino RGB interior car lightening by utilizing the Arduino Uno Board. Are you a car enthusiast? If yes, then this project is specially designed for you. A lot of car drivers have applied this project on their car and enjoying it very much. Arduino is the best platform yet where you can feel the joy of full control over your project. You can easily control lightening strips. In this project, you’ll notice, how you can control the interior car lightening with your android phone or by using your tablet by downloading the Android Application “Bluetooth RGB Controller” from App Store.

Read the full documentation here.

2) Control Robot via Cellphone

Have you ever controlled the robot by using your cell phone? Don’t worry. Because we’ve found something special for you that will completely amaze you. The main objective of making this project was “You can easily control the robot from any part of the world” by using the keypad of your cell phone.

For accomplishing this task, you’ll need two cell phones (One cellphone will be used for receiving the call from robot and the other will be used for controlling the robot via keypad), one DTMF module (Read about DTMF module here), 4 motors, manual robot, 12 volt battery, Headphone Jack, wires for connections, L298N Motor driver and the Arduino Uno (The brain of robot).

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3) Basic CUBE of LED (4x4x4)

The most popular project spread everywhere but it needs more efforts. It seems more complicated and it is but it’s worthy especially for Arduino beginners.

The main thing in this project is, you just have to focus on the connections that you set them in line and in the last check that every LED is working fine or not. If yes, then it is good news. If not, then check the connection again and set them properly. Maybe, you’re missing something. That’s why this project needs a little bit more attention. After seeing up everything is going fine in line, then it’s time to upload the code on the Arduino board and you’re ready. The components you need for these projects are Blue LEDs (Quantity = 64), PCB board, wire for connections, 100-ohm Resistor (Quantity = 4), and Arduino Board.

4) Inserting Digital Input & Output in your Arduino

Well, well, well, something technical we’re going to discuss in this project. There are so many development boards out there like STM, ChipKit, Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc. And there are finite digital input and output pins available in them. But sometimes, it becomes a headache for Arduino Project makers.

How? The answer is sometimes they need a maximum number of digital input and output pins but they don’t have a choice for it. Let’s take an example of 8x8x8 LED cube. In this project, you’ll need maximum numbers of digital input and output pins. So, what will you do? See the full documentation here:

5) Drone Air Gate

This is one of the best projects that we love. It was presented by circuito.io. As we know the drones are grabbing the popularity day by day. The drone poles are incredible for rehearsing your flight procedure. The ultrasonic sensor recognizes the drone coming nearer and changes the light from red to green. Make the same number of air doors as you need and manufacture a deterrent course through them to race your companions. It's extremely fun, trust us. So, the ingredients, you’ll need to fulfill this project are

  1. Sparkfun Arduino Pro Mini controller
  2. RGB Diffused Common Anode
  3. HC-SR04 Ultrasonic sensor
  4. 9V battery

Explore the project here: https://bit.ly/2nom60V

For today, it was quite enough. We’re bringing some cool projects that will open your mind. Stay tuned. We will be right back after a while.