Top 5 Best Arduino Robot Projects For Beginners

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Robotic technology is one of the hot-trending technologies that surprise everyone; To help you in obtaining abilities on robotics, in this article we’ve mentioned some of the best Arduino robot projects for you which you can take up and enhance your skills and future prospects. Here is the rundown of best robotic projects extends that you can do at your home

1) Rover Gesture Recognition (Arduino Robot Project) 

This project was made by “The Tactigon Team (Massimiliano and Michele Valentini). Both have put their day and night struggle in this project. They’ve utilized the Tactigon for controlling an Arduino Powered 2 wheel robot via BLE. 

Why this project?

By applying this Arduino robot project, you can learn how to take advantage of Tactigon’s BLE Central Efficiency. You can use the Tactigon as “3D steering wheel”. 

Learn How To Make Arduino Powered Robot Controlled By Using The Tactigon.

2) 3D printed open source Robot with Arduino

This is one of the best Arduino Robot projects with which you can continue your Arduino work. The parts of this project cost around only from $30 - $35. The 3D printing will take a little bit time, about 35 hours. But the best thing is that you can easily assemble this stunning Arduino project within 30 mins. 


Learn How to Make 3D Printed Open Source Robot With Arduino

3) Automated ChessBoard with Arduino

We were thinking to post something cool. The game is between two individuals sharing the PC; the PC isn't the second player sadly. 

The board is connected to a PC and requires the player to enter a square location of the piece to be moved and the new location for the piece. The electromagnet is moved by two stepper motors and timing belts. Each piece has a free steel metal roller (ball bearing) inside to enable them to effectively slide around. If you’re a chess lover, then this Arduino project is especially for you. You can also call it “Wizard Chess”. So, why not to try this at home. Polish your Arduino Skills with this fascinating Robot project. 

Explore How to make Automated ChessBoard with Arduino

4) Humanoid Robot with Arduino

This project is also designed by the Tactigon Team. In this project, Arduino Leonardo is used and a Bluetooth low energy module is installed on the back. Well, yet, the tactigon team hasn’t published the additional information and sketch of the project. 

5) Hand Gesture Controlled Robot by using Arduino

This little robot reacts to your real hand position. It peruses position information by means of an Arduino Nano and MPU6050 accelerometer tied to the user's hand and then transmits moving directions to the robot. Elegantly, the robot body doesn't contain a microcontroller itself, but gain and unravels directions from the hand-mounted assembly and moves as needs are.

Get more info about this project.

Wrapping up

So, when you're going to implement these Arduino projects. Share this article with those who like robotics. 

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