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As you know, soldering is one of the most crucial and basic skills in an electronics field. After learning how to solder through holes, you’ll discover the importance of this simple skill. At Ewall, we believe, every person should have basic knowledge of soldering. Today, in this tutorial, you’ll learn the best way of soldering through holes but before that, we will let you know about what is soldering, history of a soldering gun, what is solder, the best way of soldering through holes, and in last, the best way to buy a soldering iron. So let’s get started.

What is Soldering?

Soldering is a process in which needed items are linked with each other by putting solder inside the joints or onto the joints. The filler metal or solder has a low melting point. Soldering is a little bit different from welding. Both works in joining the two or more parts but soldering is not the method of melting work pieces. In the start, a lot of electricians were using lead but after some time, health concerns have pressurized to use the lead-free alloys for plumbing occasions and electronic purposes.


Soldering guns were discovered right after the Second World War. At that time, the Carl Weller was the one who has introduced the very first fast heating soldering gun name as “Speedy Iron”. People start calling them guns because the trigger turns the soldering gun on or will be used for controlling the temperature or you can say a heat.

The very first soldering gun – Speedy Iron.

The speedy iron was first manufactured in Eastom PA. The manufacturing of the speedy gun was started In 1945 in Weller’s basement. The copper tip and the incorporated step-down transformer provide the capability to the new soldering gun an instant heat and an instant cooling. Because of which it becomes more popular. Weller got his first patent in 1946 for his new soldering gun. There were three versions of the speedy iron gun.

  1. The main Speedy Iron with no patents on the grip.
  2. Speedy iron inside with patents on the grip.
  3. Speedy iron incorporating 2.5 volts lamp for illustrating the work with the patent on its grip.

Handmade Soldering Gun

There is no doubt that after seeing this gun, you’ll say that this is a handmade soldering gun. A step-down transformer is used in it. Weller starts it’s manufacturing in Easton PA basement and has sold these soldering guns on the radio’s shop. This was the initial stage of Weller’s success. It is cleared that someone has spent his/her day and night in making this handmade soldering gun.

Weller D-207 Soldering Gun – 1947

This is the second Weller Soldering Gun and is the early style. If you have noticed then the tip plugs of thing soldering guns are horizontal and the soldering guns that which we use nowadays have vertical tips. It consists of a lamp that will brighten the area of the work so that you can easily focus on your work. The D-207 provides dual heat and is 100/135 watt gun.

What is Solder?

Solder is used to make a bond among two metal pieces. The word solder comes from Old French solduree and soulder, from the Latin solidare, means “to make things solid”. It is a fusible metal alloy. In fact, the solder is first melted and place on the metal in order to connect two pieces together. It has a very low melting point. It should be proof against the oxidation and corrosion. If the solder will not resistant to oxidant and corrosion consequences, it will devalue the joint time by time. It is utilized in building electrical connections for providing convenient electrical characteristics.

The best way of soldering through holes

Best Way to buy Soldering Iron for your Electronic Project

We have mentioned some points that you must have to keep in mind before purchasing the best quality soldering iron.

1 - Replaceable tips: While buying a soldering iron, you have to purchase some extra tips for your soldering iron. It will help at the time when you need extra tips.

2 - Buy full setup: Full setup of soldering consists of a stand that will help you in holding a soldering iron, and have a sponge that will help you in cleaning the tip of the soldering iron. So instead of buying a soldering iron of low price, add some more and buy a full setup.

3 - Wattage should be between 20 to 50 watts: One thing you have to note that wattage does not rule over the hotness of soldering iron. Basically, wattage controls the speed of the getting hot and speed of coming at its normal position after completing its task.