How to make temperature controller with Arduino

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Making a well - roasted chicken, cooking perfect color bread is quite difficult. Because we cannot provide an accurate temperature for these things. Especially, in the snowy areas. So how to control the temperature so that we can easily save our food and other items that feel the need for controlled temperature. There are a lot of tools you can buy from the market but they are too expensive. So, what is the alternate method of all these problems?

100 problems 1 solution

The best solution for this problem is “Make your own temperature controller by using Arduino”.  Today, in this article, we’ll teach you how to make a perfect and accurate temperature controller by using an Arduino. So let’s get started…

Things you’ll need

Basically, we’re using Arduino in this project, and if you’re a beginner, then you’ve to read our “Arduino – A Complete Guide For Beginners”. Ok, let’s continue.

  1. Arduino
  2. Temperature Sensor (TMP 36)
  3. Screw terminals
  4. A Box for holding the heat
  5. RC plug switches or Relay
  6. Heating Element (Heating bands will be more secure for you and will decrease the risk of fire.)

How to connect the temperature sensor with Arduino

For Connecting the temperature sensor with Arduino, kindly read the adafruit’s guide.

Temperature Sensor

You can analyze the performance of a temperature sensor by using the thermometer. If the readings are not showing good results, then kindly check the following things

  1. Kindly take a glance at “the voltage that is being supplied is 3.3V or not?”
  2. Have you connected the AREF with 3.3 V properly or not? If not, then kindly connect it properly.

Addition in Switch Logic (If you are using RC Plug Switches)

For controlling the heating element, you’ve to use the RC plug switches and separate the controller. Here, only you’ve to connect the ground and control pin. Now adjust the code for adding the compatible libraries. You can download libraries from here.

Now, erase all the Fahrenheit references and continue your work with Celsius Unit only. Don’t be afraid. There is nothing difficult to understand. Now turn on the switch and check the temperature reading. If it is controlled or lower, then continue, If not, turn the switch off.

Addition in Relay (For Relay Users)

If you’re using a relay instead of RC plug switches, then download the code from here. Adjustment is a must. So, first adjust the relay. Follow the below-given diagram.


  1. Attach the sensor inside the box and place the heating band at the required place.
  2. Connect your PC and turn it on for keeping eyes on readings.
  3. Now turn on the temperature controlling setup.
  4. Start observing the temperature reading on PC.

So when you’re going to make this stunning project. If you feel any kind of difficulty, contact us via email.