Easiest Way To Install Arduino on Windows 10 For Beginners

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What you'll learn

Today, we're going to teach you "how to install Arduino on Windows 10" and will also try to provide you info about its important components and some incredible features.

Components, You need

An Arduino Uno, 

A USB cable and 

A Computer.

As you’ve seen somewhere in the past tutorials that Arduino can be programmed by using the USB cable and Arduino IDE. Here, the brain of the whole process is the Arduino IDE. The Arduino IDE was developed by using the most famous language “Java”. You can use it easily on MAC, Linux or Windows.

You can download Arduino IDE easily from here: https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software

For more ease, please watch the video

According to the picture given below, you can easily select your required platform whether it is windows, mac or, Linux. But, as we’ve installed the windows 10 on our computer, that's why our tutorial is for only window OS users. Let's start, how to install Arduino on Windows 10, kindly take a glance at right-side of the picture.

How to install Arduino

Here, you can see, there are two options given right above the word “Windows App” that exists on the third line. First one is "Windows Installer, for Windows XP or up” and the second one is "Windows ZIP file for non-admin install”.

How to install Arduino

If you want to download the Installer file, then it will be “.exe” file. It comes in the form of a single executable file. It will help you, step by step, in the installation of Arduino IDE software. And if you want to download the ZIP file, then the files that are already installed will be available in the form of various folders. This method is convenient for those who have no admin rights to the system.

Here, we'll install As the installer file comes with easy methods, so we’re going to install the installer file. As you can see in the picture given below, after installation, a box is arising with some checkboxes.

How to install Arduino

Remember; do not uncheck the boxes because the second option “Install USB driver” is going to install some important USB drivers for your Arduino. This process is just for giving you suy about Arduino that it iis now ready to use without any restrictions.

Now click on the option “Next”. Congratulations! Your Arduino IDE installation is started.

Now, after completing the installation of your software, the setup will automatically ask “Install the USB drivers”. Now, click on the option “Install”. The installation process will automatically start and the setup will start seeking the drivers in your computer files.

How to install Arduino

If the drivers found, then it will show the message “Your Arduino Uno is ready to use”.

How to install Arduino

If you want to confirm that your drivers are installed correctly or not, you need to attach the Arduino UNO board with your computer. For connecting the Arduino UNO Board, you have to connect the USB Type A cable with the USB port of your system and connect the TYPE B of the USB cable with the Arduino UNO Board.

Now, open the “Control Panel” and search for the “Device Manager” option. In the device manager option, you can see the list of those devices that are connected with your system internally & externally.

Now click on the “Ports (COM & LPT)” if you want to check that your Arduino in connected with COM ports or not.

How to install Arduino

If your Arduino Uno is not in the list of PORTS (COM & LPT) and is present in the other options of the list, then it’s not good because it is indicating that your USB Drivers are not installed correctly.

But don’t worry; you can also install the drivers manually. For this, you have to right-click on “Devices” in the option “Device Category ” and click on “update driver software” option.

After this, search “My Computer” for the installation of all necessary drivers. After locating the “My Computer ”, go where the Arduino is installed already and then you have to go to the driver folder. In driver folder click on the file named as “Arduino-org.inf ”. By doing this, your operating system (window) will automatically install all the necessary drivers.

Congrats! Again. You have successfully installed the Arduino IDE and we have also installed all the necessary USB drivers. Now, it’s the time to set up our Arduino IDE with the connected modules (our board and COM port).

Now, as earlier we’ve checked the option named as “create a shortcut” in the checked box, so go to your desktop, there you will see the shortcut of your IDE is waiting for you. Open it and a white box will be opened in front of you.

Now, it’s time to start our first program but wait… there are two urgent tasks we need to do. The first task is to choose the correct board and the second task is to choose the correct COM port with which your Arduino is connected.

For selecting your chosen board, you have to follow the method as shown in the picture given below. Select the type of board which you are using.

How to install Arduino

Now for selecting the right COM port, with which your Arduino board is connected, follows the method as shown in the picture below.

At last, your Arduino IDE is successfully installed on your computer. And have made all the changes that your board and ports needed.