EWall - R & D

The Research and Development sector is strengthened by the modern testing equipment and designing equipment which leads to the rapid development in the electronics industry in Pakistan. The vision of the EWALL is to move forward towards the assembly of electronic products and focus on knowledge-based electronics related to Embedded Systems. We use our experience, knowledge, and expert techniques to generate cross- market solutions for defense, medical electronic devices, high-end computing, and specialty electronic products.

In order to promote an inclusive, vibrant and sustainable ecosystem for R&D and innovation, EWALL is working from the past 05 years on a platform to find solutions for the growing societal need and challenges. Towards achieving these goals the R&D in Electronics have initiated various research projects in different areas of technology associated with electronics for the overall growth of this sector in the Pakistan. One of EWALL's strongest assets is our team of talented researchers and engineers. They collaborate on strategic technologies for the future and original technologies designed to forge new market trends and set new standards for excellence. The R&D of EWALL business focuses on technology that is expected to deliver the most promising long-term results. A critical way that EWALL responds to the highly uncertain business environment and the increasingly competitive marketplace is through our commitment to R&D. Each year we invest heavy amount of our sales revenue in R&D activities. EWALL is committed to leading technology standardization.We aspire to be most preferred manufacturer of the most innovative, quality & economical products in electronics world.

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