3W×2 Mini Digital Power Audio Amplifier Board

3W×2 Mini Digital Power Audio Amplifier Board USB DC 5V Power Supply PAM8403 for Arduino


Power supply: DC2.5-5.5 V
Output power: 3W + 3W (4Ω)
SNR: 90dB
Efficiency: > 90%
Size: 15.5×24 mm

Positive and negative power supply can not be reversed
Power supply voltage can not exceed 5.5V
On-chip high-gain buffer, please do not change any component parameters , or the IC will be damaged.
Please try to use the input line with shielded cable, you can play a role in immunity, eliminate clutter current sound.
BTL output cmos tube drive, can not be negative about the speaker together, that four lines connect the speaker is completely independent, does not allow total access

Package Content:
1 X Mini Digital Audio Amplifier Board