Vaccum Motor Three-Phase Brushless Motor ( 12V-24V ) compatible with ESC For Student Lab

This bunch of motors is another fast twofold metal roller brushless DC motor in mass! The measure of the motor is like that of the 775 motors. The backside of the motor is welded with a round section. The section has three settling screw openings. The front shaft of the motor is M4 strung (12V void load 10000 rpm, no-heap current 0.2A, blocking current 3.5A) (24V no heap 20,000 rpm, no-heap current 0.35A, bolted current 7A)

Truly appropriate for DIY hand bore/crushing/cutting force!

This motor needs RC plane brushless ESC to drive, our 7-24V three-stage brushless drive can be flawlessly determined, a 6V voltage can be begun, 9V control up activity cannot obstruct the motor shaft by hand.

Voltage: DC12V-24V

Speed: 10000-20000RPM ( requires a driver with corresponding voltage )

Estimated power: 50W

Weight: 320 grams