100A 75mV FL-2 DC Current Shunt Resistor For Amp Ampere Panel Meter


This is 100A 75mV FL-2 DC current shunt resistor for amp ampere panel meter
The fixed setpoint shunt is a suitable the attached external shunt for measuring DC current in 10kA less directly acting on the analog display instrument together with the use in order to expand the scope of the DC current measurement, or sequentially circuit can be regarded as the current sampling with the standard resistors, a sampling voltage is measured with a current can be regarded as an analog signal.


Accuracy level :2-4000A, 0.5 level; 5000-10000A, 1 level.
Environmental conditions: -40 ~ +60 ℃, the relative temperature ≤ 95% (35 ° C)
Overload performance: 120% of rated current, 2 hours
Voltage drop: 75mV
Load heat: Temperature rise changes stabilized, rated current of 50A does not exceed 80 ° C; rated current of 50A does not exceed 120 ° C
Weight: 128g