100MHz Dual Channel Instek Digital Storage Oscilloscope GDS-1102A-U

Number of Channels :2
bandwidth: DC ~ 100MHz (-3dB)
Rise Time: 
Sensitivity: 2mV / div ~ 10V / div (1-2-5 Step)

Instek Digital Oscilloscope GDS-1102A-U


Vertical Systems

Number of Channels 2
bandwidth DC ~ 100MHz (-3dB)    
Rise Time   
Sensitivity 2mV / div ~ 10V / div (1-2-5 Step)
Accuracy ± (3% x | read values | +0.1 div + 1mV)
Input coupling AC, DC & Ground
input resistance 1MΩ ± 2%, ~ 15pF
polarity Forward, reverse
Maximum input 300V (DC + AC peak), CATII
Waveform Signal Processing +, -, X, FFT, FFTrms, Zoom FFT
Offset Range
2mV / the div ~ 50mV / the div: ± 0.4V 100mV / the div ~ 500mV / the div: ± 4V 1V / the div ~ 5V / the div: ± 40V 10V / the div: ± 300V 
Bandwidth limitations 20MHz (-3dB)

Trigger System

Trigger source CH1, CH2, power supply, external trigger
Trigger Mode Auto, Normal, Single, TV, Edge, Pulse
Trigger coupling AC, DC, LF Reject, HF Reject, noise suppression
Sensitivity DC ~ 25MHz: about 0.5div or 5mV

External Trigger

range ± 15V
Sensitivity DC ~ 25MHz: ~ 50mV; 25M ~ 150MHz: ~ 15mV
input resistance 1MΩ ± 2%, ~ 15pF
Maximum input 300V (DC AC peak), CATII

Horizontal System

Scan range 1ns / div ~ 50s / div (1-2.5-5 step); scroll mode: 250ms / div ~ 50s / div
Display Mode Master time base, window, window zoom, scroll, XY
Accuracy Error ± 0.01%
Pre-trigger Maximum 10 div
Rear trigger 1000 div

XY mode

X- axis input Channel 1
Y- axis input Channel 2
Phase shift ± 3 ° at 100kHz

Signal acquisition system

Real-time sampling rate Maximum 1GSa / s
Equivalent sampling rate Maximum 25GSa / s
Vertical resolution 8bit
Record length Maximum 2 Mega points
Acquisition mode Sampling, peak detection, average
Peak measurement 10ns (500ns / div ~ 10s / div)
The average number of times 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256

Cursor and measurement system

Voltage measurement

VPP, Vamp, V AVG, Vrms, Vhi, V L O, Vmax of, Vmin, Rise Preshoot / Overshoot,

Fall Preshoot / Overshoot

Time Measurement Frequency, period, rise time, fall time, positive pulse width, negative pulse width, duty cycle,
Delay Measurement Eight kinds of delay time measurement
Cursor measurements [Delta] V 
[Delta] T
Frequency counter

Resolution: 6 
Accuracy: ± 2% 
Source: removed the video trigger mode, all available trigger sources

Control panel features

Automatically set The system automatically adjust the vertical, horizontal, and trigger level
storage Panel set up to 15 groups
Waveform storage 15 waveforms

Display System

TFT LCD 5.7 inches
Display Resolution 234 x 320 points
Display grid lines 8 x 10 grid
Display brightness Adjustable


USB Device USB1.1 & 2.0 full speed compatible (does not support printers and FLASH memory)
USB Host Image (BMP), waveform data (CSV), and panel settings (SET)

power supply

voltage range AC 100V ~ 240V, 48Hz ~ 63Hz, automatic selection

Other functions

Multi-language menu Have
Instant Help Have


  User Manual x 1 
Power cord x 1 the GTP-150A-2 probe (10: 1/1: 1) x 2 
Dimensions and weight  
  310 (W) x 142 (H ) x 140 (D) mm 
to about 2.5kg
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