1 meter Low Resistance 22AWG Flexible 1007 Wire Electric wire 22 Gauge Coper Hook Up Stranded Wire 300V Red PVC UL

Size NO.: 22AWG
Length: 1 meters
Rated temperature: 0 C - 80 C 
Rated voltage: 300V 
Insulation: PVC 

Has excellent high temperature resistance, low temperature performance, with excellent resistance to high pressure, anti- aging, high temperature, acid, long service life. 
Instructions for use: PVC 
Insulating , color: white, red, black, blue, green, yellow, translucent and so on. Long life easy soft easy to install. Widely used in high-temperature line environment lighting, household appliances, electric appliances, instrumentation, electrical wiring and electronics, lamps, and so on. 

Hook up wire is used in a variety of general-purpose electrical applications. 
Stranded copper wire provides good electrical connectivity while PVC Insulation protects the wire against abrasion, chemicals, oils, and solvents. 
The wire provides excellent uniformity for easy processing, stripping, and terminating. 
Long service life , long life, environment-friendly 
Good ideal for DIY decoration 

Package Includes:
1m X 22 AWG Flexible 1007 Wire