10-Bit Digital-to-Analog Converters DAC TLC5615 Converter Module



1, Onboard TLC5615 chip, TLC5615 is DAC with serial interface, Output is voltage, maximum output voltage is twice the value of the reference voltage, with a power-on reset function, The performance is better than the early current output DAC, only need three serial bus-line, can finish 10-data serial input, easy interface with industry standard microprocessor or microcontroller (MCU)

2 onboard TL431 voltage reference chip, can also connect with external reference voltage

3, All pins have been lead out, can be controlled through the microcontroller

4 Working voltage: 5V

5, Board size: 37.2 (mm) x16.9 (mm)

Package Include:

1PCS TLC5615 10-bit Serial Interface DAC Module Digital to Analog Module