12V~24V 110kg.cm ASMC-04A Robot Servo High Power Torque Support Large Robotic Manipulator For RC Car Quadcopter

Perfectly compatible with for Futaba, for JR, for SANWA, for Hitec and other remote systems.
Exclusive unique technology to ensure stable power steering gear continued to work with other servo fuse protection is completely different. Once the fuse is blown, the servo can not continue to work. Our stability control servo rudder opportunity to work in a safe torque within. And never dropped.

Technical Parameters: 
Operating voltage: 12V to 24V (DC) (this means that either a 12V or any voltage between 24V can be used)
No-load rotational current: <500mA
Maximum torque: 110kg.cm (24V) (measured, non-theoretical value)
                               1078N.cm (24V) (measured, non-theoretical value)
                                55kg.cm (12V) (measured, non-theoretical value)
                               539N.cm (12V) (measured, non-theoretical value)
Angular speed: 0.12s / 60 ° (60 degrees of rotation required 0.12s), at 24V  ;
                           0.24s / 60 ° (60 degrees of rotation required 0.24s), at 12V  ;
Rotation angle: 300 ° MAX, meaning that the maximum stroke of 300 degrees (0 to 300 ° adjustable electronic limit)
Input modes: pulse signal (remote control, multiple servo controller, microcontroller) or analog voltage signal (potentiometer)
Pulse signal input range: 0.5ms-2.5ms fits all "multi-channel servo controller", "1ms-2ms model aircraft remote control", "SCM",  and so on;
Voltage signal input range: 0V to + 5V
Control accuracy: 0.32 °
Weight: 530g
Gear Material: Steel
Dimensions: 95.5mm X 60.5mm X 102.6mm
Packet includes:
1 X ASMC-04A Servo