KQ-330F KQ-130F Power line carrier module (Communication over Power Line)

Communication over Power Line. This module is intended to convey between two gadgets through Powerline(e.g 220V electrical cable) with no additional segments.


Working rate:120~135KHZ
Interface baud rate:9600bps, the true baud rate is 100bps,250-byte buffer
Temperature:-25 degree~+70 degree
Humidity: 90%
Power:DC +5V  
Receiver:11mA  Transmitter:300mA 


1P-AC: 220V AC voltage of the line of flame (or zero line) 

2P-AC: 220V AC voltage zero line (or FireWire) 

3P-+5 V: +5 V to send control (210mA), single wage information can be empty to decrease control utilization 

The 4P-GND: Digital circuit ground 

5P-+5 V: +5 V working supply 11mA, the most minimal working voltage to 3.3V however not prescribed 

6P-RX: TTL level, transporter information into, at that point MCU TXD 

7P-TX: TTL level, transporter information out, at that point the microcontroller RXD 

8P-MODE: mode selection, empty or associated with the 5V high ground is low 

9P-NC/RST: reset pin (dynamic low) visit exchanging mode. Needn't bother with this component, the pin ought to be cleared out

KQ-130F power line carrier data transceiver module with a micro-controller connection diagram: 


KQ-130F power line carrier data transceiver module with the microcomputer 9-pin RS232 port connection  


Three-phase coupled reference circuit (via capacitive coupling: simple cost savings): 


Three-phase three-module respectively transmitted reference circuit (three modular fashion: no relationship between the relative phase does not superimposed interfering signal): 


The three-phase routing reference circuit: (MODE = 0 only for KQ-130F module)