16 into 1 16CH PWM Controller Servo Control Module CJMCU-PCA9685 12-Bit I2C Bus based

CJMCU-PCA9685 16-Channel 12-Bit Fm + I2C Bus PWM Controller Servo Control Module


16 LED drivers, each output programmable as:

turn off


Programmable LED brightness

Programmable Group Blur / Blink Mix with independent LED brightness

1MHz Fast Mode Plus is compatible with an I2C bus interface with 30mA drive capability on SDA to drive a high capacitive bus

Each LED output enables 4096 (12 bits) linearly programmable brightness from full off (default) to maximum brightness 

Can be programmed for open-drain LED output selection (the default is push-pull) 16 push-pull output (5V can absorb 25mA sink current and provide 10mA pull current), no input function


The output status can be programmed to be changed when the response or stop command is made to update all outputs simultaneously or byte-by-byte update output (default is "Stop command change")


Low active output enable input pin, when the pin is high when the LED output can be programmed to 0,1 or high impedance state (power default is high impedance state)

6 hardware address pins make the same I2C bus can connect 62 PCA9685 devices \

LED output frequency (all LEDs) is typically 40Hz to 1000Hz (when the oscillator is 25MHz, the prescaler register defaults to 1EH will produce a 200Hz refresh rate)

4 software programmable I2C bus addresses (an LED group call address and three LED sub call addresses) so that the device group can be addressed at any time in any combination (for example, a register is used for " All Calls "All PCA9634 devices on the I2C bus can be addressed at the same time and the second register is used for three different addresses, then one-third of the bus in the device group can Is addressed at the same time), software enable and disable I2C bus address

The software reset feature (SWRST Call) allows the device to be reset via the I2C bus

25MHz internal crystal, no external devices

The maximum allowable 50MHz external input clock

Internal power-on reset

There is a noise filter at the SDA / SCL input

The output pin has edge rate control

There is no glitch output at power up

Support hot access

Low standby current

Operating voltage range: 2.3V to 5.5V

Can withstand 5.5V input

Can work in minus 40 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius environment

ESD protection over 2000V HBM / JESD22-A114,200V MM / JESD22-A115 and 1000V CDM / JESD22-C101

JEDEC standard JESD78 exceeds 100mA when the lock test

Package: TSSOP28 and HVQFN28