.1-2000MHz RF Wide Band Amplifier 30dB High Gain Low Noise LNA Amplifier

- This item with wide recurrence extend, high increase, low commotion figure

- This item can be connected to different rf get front-end and expands the correspondence separate

- Used for Short wave, FM radio, remote control collector, for example, satellite TV flag enhancer require low clamor rf flag intensification

Operating frequency0.1-2000MHz 
Amplifier gain 
F=0.1MHz, gain=32dB 
F=500Mhz, gain=31dB 
F=1000MHz, gain=29dB 
F=1500Mhz, gain=25dB 
F=2000MHz, gain=20dB 
Maximum power output+10dBm 10mW 
Power supply voltage: 6-12 VDC 
System impedance50 

1. At the point when the working recurrence is under 500 MHZ it gets well gain levelness, can make it under 1dB after cautious change. The lower recurrence the higher gain consistency.

2. Enhancer working recurrence of as far as possible is liable to information and yield capacitor, the default esteem is 0.1 uF, attempting to 0.1 MHz. Increment the info and yield capacitance suitably, can broaden the cut-off recurrence, for example, 10uF capacitance can work to 5KHz.

3. At the point when the power supply voltage changes in 5-8 v, it tends to be utilized as a variable gain speaker, gain increments with the expansion of the power supply voltage, which reasonable for radio recurrence get front-end circuit, utilizing DA control supply voltage, to control the gain of the intensifier, programmed gain control

4.When the power supply voltage in the 8-10 v, the low-recurrence end gain up to 30 dB, as of now the enhancer has a low clamor coefficient and great solidness.

5. At the point when the voltage is 12 v, achieve most extreme gain, the low-recurrence end gain of 32.5 dB.

Package Includes: 
1 X 0.1-2000MHz RF Wide Band Amplifier Module 30dB High Gain