220V to 5V AC-DC 700mA Buck Converter Step Down Power Supply Module 3.5W


This power source for the isolation industrial-grade module power supply, temperature protection, over current protection and short circuit protection, high and low voltage isolation, AC85 ~ 265 v input voltage, wide 431 precision voltage stability DC5V output, small size, stable performance, cost-effective

Input voltage: AC 85 ~ 265v 50/60 HZ
Output voltage:DC5V(±0.2V)
Output current: 700MA
Power: 3.5W

Use Environment
Working temperature:-20 ~ 60℃
Relative humidity:40  ~ 90%RH
Technical requirements
Input voltage range:85~ 265v
Input current:0.0273A (AC110V)
                0.014A (AC220V)
Input Inrush Current: 20A
Output voltage range:4.80~5.2V 0~700mA
Output power:0 ~4.5 W
Output efficiency:80%
Installation :A、In the input and output pins soldering on the PCB directly
                   B、Glue in fixed

Package Included:
1 X AC-DC 220V to 5V 700mA Buck Module