YB27A Red LED Panel Meter Mini Display Digital Voltmeter AC30-500V

  • Features:
    Adopting the capacitance step-down principle design, not suitable for high frequency occasion
    Used to monitor the household voltmeter, also applied to other AC voltmeter measuring.
    Good stability and high measurement accuracy.
    With trimmer potentiometer.
    Easy to read, install and use.


    Color: black

    LED Display color: Red

    Type: YB27A
    Range: AC30-500V 
    Two-wire access
    Display: three 0.56 "LED digital tube
    Refresh rate: about 2 times / s
    Maximum input: <1.2 times the range
    Measuring accuracy: 1% (+ / - 1 digit)
    Power Supply: AC30-500V (line) with the input common
    Operating temperature: -10 ~ +50℃
    Input impedance: > 1MΩ
    Appearance size: 48 x 29 x 21 mm
    Installation opening: 45.5 x 26.5 mm
    Cord Length: Approx. 15cm