2W 5.8Ghz 33dbm Signal Booster SUNHANS eSunRC 2000mW 5.8Ghz for VTX FPV SH-RC58G2W

Features & Description

The Sunhans family of Wi-Fi Signal Boosters are designed for use in a variety of mobile and wireless networking applications. They offer the most consistent signal amplification available for Wi-Fi networks. Designed for bi-directional signal amplification Sunhans boosters allow for the use of virtually any 5.8 GHz antenna utilizing an SMA-Male connector. Also the lightweight and low profile design makes these boosters ideal  for mounting on RC UAV controllers or in other space constrained applications.


Sunhans’s 5.8 GHz Inline Signal Booster efficiently increases signal range of any antenna by up to 200%-500% all while maintaining high data throughput rates. This signal boosting functionality adds up to 18dB of transmit gain and 15dB of receive gain, resulting in a farther reaching signal and better connectivity. Results may vary depending on environmental factors, interference, cable length and type, etc.


These boosters are perfect for maximizing the range of your DJI, 3DR Solo, or Yuneec drones when used in conjunction with a long range antenna such as those manufactured by DBS Mods, It- Elite, FPVLR, and Toughleash.


REXUAV is the official US Distributor for Sunhans, so you can expect quality English customer service and support. We carry a large inventory and our orders ship from the greater Houston, Texas area. We are engineers and drone pilots, so you can be assured of the best support.


Technical Specifications


Booster Model: SH- RC58G2W


Operating range : 5000-5875MHz 


Channel width: 20Mhz&40Mhz&80Mhz


Supported standards: IEEE 802.11a/n


Operation mode: Bi-directional, half-duplex, time division duplex


Connector type: SMA 


Output power: 2000mW (33dBm) 


Input power: 0 ~ 20dBm 


Transmit gain: 15 – 18dB 


Receiver gain: ≤ 12 dB


Noise figure: ≤3.5dB typical  


Supported voltages: 5V~16V/2A DC 


Material: Cast aluminum 


Booster weight: 46g


Booster size: 7.3 x 4 x 1cm 


Package weight: 180g 



Package size: 110 x 80 x 46cm