MQ-3 Alcohol Ethanol Sensor Module

The most recent MQ - X series gas sensor is intended to take care of the demand of ecological security, it MQ - 3 gas sensor, with high affectability to ethanol, can oppose the obstruction of gas, exhaust cloud, vapor, recognize ethanol noticeable all around delicately. The material of MQ - 3 gas sensor is SnO2, which has the low conductivity in clean air...

1, detection range: 10-100ppm ethanol
2, characteristic gas: 125ppm ethanol
3, heating voltage: 5 + - 0.2 V (AC·DC)
4, loop voltage:≤24V DC
5, load resistance: adjustable
6, voltage in clean air: ≤1.5 V
7, sensitivity: Rin air/Rin typical gas≥5
8 ,recovery time: ≤30S
9, service life: 5 years
10, size: 20.5 mm x 41mm
11, weight: 5g