3 in 1 Power Supply and Complete SMT Soldering Station

model: SAIKE 909D Power consumption: 700W
category: LED digital display microcomputer Gas flow rate: 120 l / min (maximum)
Pump flow pattern: Brushless fan gentle wind Temperature adjustment range: 100 ℃ -480 ℃
Display Type: Microcomputer LED digital display 
(resolution 1 ℃ / wind level 1)
Wind adjustment range: 1 to 8
Handle Length (including handle line) 85cm noise: Less than 45dB
Weight: 4.1kg Dimensions: 33cm (length) * 27.5cm (width) * 20cm (height)


Product Features:

1, for a variety of components desoldering, such as: SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA, etc. (especially suitable for phone cable and cable seat desoldering).

2 for heat shrinkage, drying, paint, adhesive removal, thawing, warm-up, plastic welding.


Anti-static design to prevent damage due to static and leakage PCB board

Without contact pads soldered way exempt parts displacement and thermal shock

Can significantly adjust the air volume and temperature can be soldered QFP and SOP type IC. Welding and soldering can be selected according to the requirements of different nozzles

Imported heat generation. Nozzle and the heat generator with the international generic brand

After pulling the welding work is completed off air delay work to extend the life of the heating member and the handle

Before each boot, air gun handle must be placed in handle rack, boot lookout gun handle from the handle holder to take up work immediately,
if the wind is not on the gun handle handle rack, turn after the wind picked up the gunman handle did not work (ie, no wind, no heat).


Other Items included in the Pakcage.

1. A roll of solder wire 50G 1. Quality 
 2. High-quality soldering tip 3 (knife-shaped, horseshoe-shaped, beak, one each) are separately packaged 
 3. a soldering iron heater 
 4. Welding repair videos Download 1.5G 
 5. The motherboard repair examples of video downloads 4G 
 6.150G a large treasure welding 
 7. welding accessories forceps 6 
 8, T6 screwdriver 
 9, T5 screwdriver 
 10, T4 word screwdriver 
 11, disassemble rods 
 12, triangular fins 
 13. The two sponge 
 14. The nozzle 4 a 
 15. The lead wire 
 16. The test phone line 
 17.4 grid small component boxes    18. Iron Stand