3A 5V 220 AC to DC S-15-5 Switching Power Supply 90-240VAC to DC5V 3A 15W 85*58*33mm

C Output Range: 5V  0~3A   


Rated Power:  15 Watt 

Input voltage: 110V/220V  (100-240V)

Range Of Difference:±1% 

Efficiency: >80% 

Output adjustable voltage range: ±3% 

Frequency: 50-60Hz 

Leakage current: <1mA/230V 

Temperature coefficient: ±0.03%/°(0~50°) 

Start, rise, hold time 200ms, 50ms, 20ms 

Seismic resistance: 10~500Hz,2G 10min, /1 cycle, time 60 points, each axis 

Protection: overload, overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit protection 

Pressure resistance between input and output 1.5KvAC input and shell; 1.5KvAC output and shell; 0.5KvAC 

The working temperature and humidity are between -10 and +60, and the temperature ranges from 20% to 90%RH 

The storage temperature and humidity are -20 ~ +85, 10% ~ 95%RH 

Product Size:   85*58*33mm  (
15 Watt  )

Product Weight: 0.13kg    (15 Watt )