3Axis Stabilized Storm32 Brushless Motor PTZ Gopro Gimbal

Color: black
Axis: 3 axis gyro
Flight controller:  Storm32
Motor : 2 pcs 2204 260kv & 1 pc 2805 140kv
Battery plug: JST
Weight: about  177.5±2 g
Compatible camera: Gopro 4,3 camera( not included)

Warm notice:
1. Recommended power supply is 12V (3s battery);
2, Camera must be fixed in the head  (without any loosening);
3. Adjust the camera to the left or right,so that the camera is at Horizontal level;
4. Before camera fixed in the gimbal , please do not push " on " button to have power.
5. After receiving the gimbal, please do not electrify, first put the camera, keep the gimbal horizontal before it get power, otherwise it will cause pan tilt, shake and so on;
Package included:
- 1 x 3 axis gimbal Frame (assembled and setup well)
( camera not included)
1. About the belt and ball color, there are black and blue color, we will send the color at random.
2. Please do not make any change in the board, if you make it broken and need to flash firmware,please ask us for software.
3. Old version is Pitch roll is IMU1 and Yaw is IMU2,Now we do all in one and make one IMU. 
4. If you use the gopro hero session and runcam 3 camera, the belt is not suitable , you need use d ouble-sided tape to fix the camera on the gimbal.    
5. Wrong use way may damage the control board. If you do not know how to install and use it, please kidnly contact us , we will send you a video to show how to use it  . 
6. The camera must fixed on the gimbal without any loosening , or it will not work well .      
7. Adjust the camera to the left or right so that the camra is at Horiziontal Level  .
8. The board may burn in no-load condition,so before the camera fixed on the gimbal , please do not supply power to the board .                                                                                                                                                    
9. if your gimbal can not work when you get it , please contact us immediately , as worng attempt may damage the board , especially if you try for several times .                                  
Please kindly follow our advice before you use the gimbal , or we will not responsible for the damage .   
About how to use your receiver to connect Storm32 to control,here is the information: