4.3 Inch LCD Color Screen Monitor FPV mini screen Pilot screen

- Housing material: ABS plastic 
- Screen size: 4.3 inch 
- Resolution: 480 * 272 
- Aspect ratio: 16:9 
- Power supply: DC 12V 
- Monitor folded size: 5.2 * 4.5 * 0.98 inches 

- The monitor with flexible mounting pad and 3M tape mounts on either the vehicle windshield or dashboard. 
- Choose a suitable monitor location in your vehicle that will not block your view for safe driving. 
- Clean the mounting area youve chosen with a quality glass cleaner or alcohol to remove any dirt or residue. 
- Peel off the protective film from the 3M adhesive mounting pad on the bottom of the monitor bracket and then affix the pad to the desired location. (NB: Once put in place, the mounting pad cannot be easily removed. Therefore, before mounting, please be sure of your desired location.) 
- Connect the power cable to the monitor cable. 
- Conceal the monitor cable behind the windshield trim piece and then continue along under the head liner to the rear of the vehicle.