5 inch TFT Touch Screen 800X480 ( Mega2560 and Raspberry Pi Compatible)

This 5 inch TFT LCD Display module has a 16M color capable LCD with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. The module includes Resistive Touch Screen Panel and a Standard SD Card slot. SSD1963 is used to control LCD and the touch panel is controlled by XPT2046..

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1、Description :

5-inch TFT Color LCD Module  is a TFT LCD Screen Module , 40pins interface , not just a LCD break but include the Touch , SD card and Flash design. So it’s a powerful extension module for your project.

The LCD is S92048-AAA. It’s a 16M Shaded Display , 800*480 (resolution), 5 inch Widescreen TFT LCD screen.The LCD has a wide viewing angle , the contrast is also very suitable.

The Screen include a controller SSD1963, it’s a support 16bit data interface , easy to drive by many MCU like STM32 ,AVR and 8051.

TFT 5" 800*480 With SD Touch Module is designed with a touch controller in it . The touch IC is XPT2046 , and touch interface is included in the 40 pins breakout. 


Another useful extension in this module is the SD Card socket . It use the SPI mode to operate the SD  card, the SPI interface include in the 40pins breakout.

There is a reserve extension design in this module , that’s the external flash . It’s leave the pad and the pins out for the SST25VF016B Flash. So when you need , you can easily add a external flash for your project .

TFT 5" 800*480 With SD Touch Module layout a 40 pins interface for your project , the interface include LCD bus, SD card bus, Touch screen bus and the Flash bus.

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3、 Handwriting :

There are two 3mm mounting holes and interface is spacing 2.54mm 2*20 pins. 

4、Interface Definition :

5、Pin Definition :


The pins named with “D_” is the touch bus , the pins named with “SD_” is SD bus, the pins named with “F_”  is Flash bus, others interface are for TFT control pins
Test Code Interface Description :

Working voltage: 3.3V

Default IO connections :

Control Line:RS-P3^5;  WR-P3^6;  RD-P3^7;  CS-P1^0;  REST-P1^2;

Data Line: DB0-DB7 connect with P0^0-P0^7; DB8-DB15 connect with P2^0-P2^7;

Touch function of the connection : 

(if you don't use the touch function and then don't connect)

D_CLK-P1^7; D_CS-P1^4; D_DIN-P3^0; D_OUT-P3^1; D_PENIRQ-P3^4;

●TFT Power: the power of the screen is 2.8-3.3V; don't use 5V, all pin voltage of this module must not exceed 3.3V.

●Backlight: the module has inherited the backlight driver circuit, When the LED_A interface connect with high level, then the backlight will be light; When the LED_A interface connect with low level, then the backlight will be not light; When the LED_A interface connect with PWM signal, then can control the brightness of the backlight.

Special note: the 4.3-inch and larger TFT backlight current consumption is relatively large, (the brightest 4.3-inch is more than 200 ma, the brightest 5-inch is more than 300 ma, the brightest 7 inch is more than the 500ma) If you are using USB power, then may exist some computer motherboards current supply is not enough, and it may cause severe partial pressure, which may causes the module does not work due to poor quality USB connection. Please make sure your power supply is stable enough. Thank you!

6、Click to Download The Corresponding TFT 5" Zip Document

The Document Zip include as below :

    * Lib_UTFT.zip                               Library of The TFT
    * XPT2046.pdf                              Touch controller datasheet
    * TFT Touch Film.flv                       TFT Touch Film
    * Test Code.PDF                           Test Code.PDF
    * SSD1963.pdf                              Screen controller datasheet
    * Spe.pdf                                      Spe of the TFT
    * Size.pdf                                     Size of the TFT
    * Schematic Diagram.pdf               Schematic Diagram.pdf
    * PinOut.jpg                                  Pin map of the 40 pins interface
    * Pin Mapping.pdf                         Pin Mapping
    * Notice.pdf                                  Notice