5A Integrated 3 Axis CNC TB6600 +Intelligent Handle Keyboard+ LCD Digital Display with controller

Features: Features



1: Integrated high-speed microcomputer intelligent control chip, within the Ministry of digital pulse handle and can automatically switch the computer and handle control, mutual non-interference, and automatic detection function automatically shielded handle computer-controlled motion control, digital display can simultaneously track record computer data and handle control of mobile data

 Two: Computer path track record in computer processing time can run offline record keeping and processing data processing automatic repeat run

Three: Manually move the processing of record-keeping, traceability records manually move the machine data and automatically repeat the processing run manually move the path

Four: manual data entry and processing path, and automatically run the input path

2: The axis of the knife can be done automatically, eliminating the need computer software operation

3:Maximum 5 A stepper motor drive current , eight -speed adjustable .

4: maximum 16 segments, higher accuracy, run more smoothly.

5 : Overload temperature automatic overcurrent protection, full protection of your computer and peripheral equipment 
6: Bipolar constant current chopper drive , low speed without creeping phenomenon, noise, non-resonant region.

7: Closed optical isolation, two-stage signal processing, to fully protect your computer and equipment.

8 : 1 -way 0-10V / PWM speed control signal output 
9: Rd input control, you can set limit, emergency stop, which is divided into pairs of knives.

10: aluminum capacitors using 470U and 3300U / 50V, large capacitance

Electrical properties (ambient temperature Tj = 25 ° C when):

Input Power

12 - 48V DC power supply, a set of power supply.

Output Current

4.5A ( peak 5A)

Drive mode

Bipolar constant current PWM drive output.

Drive motor

42,57,86 stepper motors , two -phase -4 phase (4 -line 6 -line 8 -wire stepper motor )


Approximately 400 grams.

Environmental Requirements


Natural cooling.

Using the occasion

Avoid dust, oil mist and corrosive gases.


0 ° C ~ + 50 ° C


Maximum of 5.7m / S2 .


-20 ° C ~ + 125 ° C , to avoid dust, it is best to use the original packaging.

Subdivision setting table: