2.5A Boost/ Step up LM2577 dc-dc (dc to dc) Adjustable step-up (step up) Power Converter Module

Module Properties: non-isolated step-up module 
Input voltage :3-34V 
Output voltage: continuously adjustable (4-35V) 
Output Current: 2.5A (MAX) - 

Input Current: 3A (MAX) 
Module size: 49 (mm) x26 (mm) 
Input mode: IN + input positive level, IN-input negative 
The output manner: OUT + output positive level, OUT-output negative 
Adjustment method: first the right then the input power (3-34V, multimeter between) and then monitor the output voltage and adjust the potentiometer (clockwise turn buck counterclockwise turn boost) For the 12V output voltage :4-35V continuously adjustable (building no-load debugging) Our default shipping voltage other voltage can regulate their own