6-Channel Knob Servo Control Panel / Controller With Overload Protection For Easy Operation


1) Using imported high-precision potentiometer, it can control 6 servos in one to one, and synchronize 1:1 control in real time.

2) The 3 channels of No. 0, No. 1, and No. 2 of the control board have overcurrent protection function. Prevent excessive current from burning the servo.

3) There is a small button under each knob of the control panel. Press it once, the servo will be centered, the knob can't control the steering wheel; press again to release the centering state, the knob can continue to control the steering wheel rotation.

4) The mounting hole distance is 70mm*47mm.

5) Power supply is convenient:

a. The motherboard chip can be powered by USB. If the servo is a 9G plastic small steering gear, it can be directly connected to the USB power supply board and the 9G small steering gear.

b. In other cases, USB is only provided to the motherboard power supply, and the servo supply +- voltage requires an external battery of 5-7V (depending on the servo)

c. If there is no USB power supply, it is necessary to supply the motherboard VSS interface with separate power supply voltage 7-12V.