6WD Search And Rescue Platform Smart Robot Chassis Shocked Off-Road

 Product Introduction   

The new design of the 6WD mobile platform, the vehicle with 2mm aluminum alloy stamping molding, the surface and then aluminum spray treatment . 6 high-speed DC motor (original 17000 speed), with 1 : 34 all-metal gear box, so that the car to obtain a strong off-road performance.

Damping design is the biggest highlight of the car, the use of six hydraulic spring shock absorber fixed to connect the motor to the body, so that the platform to obtain a better road through capacity, especially for some complex bumps.

6WD mobile platform can be installed with different types of control boards or controllers such as arduino orraspberry factions. On the chassis with a 3mm mounting hole, horizontal 12mm , vertical 14mm pitch can be very different to install a wide range of sensors, or additional expansion of other functions, such as the installation of a robot. The upper floor is reserved for the Arduino platform, the raspberry-style installation hole.

you can check the video of this robot, copy this link and paste it into your browser