6pcs Tweezers ESD Precision Anti-static Tweezers Stainless Steel Lab Tweezers for Electronics Repairing

NON-MAGNETIC----The body is made of high quality stainless steel, acid resistant and corrosion resistant

ANTI-STATIC----The surface of tweezer plsted special anti-static material which make it better for a particular job

MULTI-FUNCTIONS----Applied in electronic maintenance, clock precision instruments and jewelry processing, Electrical appliances processing and maintenance,fashion accessories and manicures accessories handling and so on...

ESD-10, ESD-11, ESD-12, ESD-13, ESD-14, ESD-15; Six different sizes and configurations to fit all purposes 

Package Includes:
1 X ESD-10 Tweezers
1 X ESD-11 Tweezers
1 X ESD-12 Tweezers
1 X ESD-13 Tweezers
1 X ESD-14 Tweezers
1 X ESD-15 Tweezers