TC7660 Charge Pump DC-to-DC Voltage Converter(Original)

The TC7660 is a pin-compatible replacement for the business standard 7660 charge pump voltage converter. It changes over a +1.5V to +10V input to a relating - 1.5V to - 10V output utilizing just two minimal effort capacitors, taking out inductors and their related cost, estimate, and electromagnetic obstruction (EMI)...

• Wide Input Voltage Range: +1.5V to +10V
• Efficient Voltage Conversion (99.9%, typ)
• Excellent Power Efficiency (98%, typ)
• Low Power Consumption: 80 µA (typ) @ VIN = 5V
• Low Cost and Easy to Use
- Only Two External Capacitors Required
• Available in 8-Pin Small Outline (SOIC), 8-Pin 
PDIP and 8-Pin CERDIP Packages
• Improved ESD Protection (3 kV HBM)
• No External Diode Required for High-Voltage 
• RS-232 Negative Power Supply
• Simple Conversion of +5V to ±5V Supplies
• Voltage Multiplication VOUT = ± n V+
• Negative Supplies for Data Acquisition Systems 
and Instrumentation