8060 8x6 Propeller fitting aperture 5MM for XXD2212 motor

U27/F16 fixed-wing RC airplane 8060 propeller fitting aperture 5MM for XXD2212 motor

The KV value of different specifications of the motor determines the size of the paddle. This paddle is adapted to the motor of the nominal: 2200kv, 2400kv, 2450kv motor. The new high quality, high wind, continuous falling, loud sound, large hole paddle design, suitable for different specifications of paddles, bullets, paddle protectors, use without reaming, very convenient.

Product introduction: The 6040 paddle is the high-efficiency force of the latest material made by our shop. The new mold, material and blade are adjusted, the performance is better than the original old style, and the problem of the old paddle is easy to break. The wind is stronger and the thrust is stronger; the aperture size is just suitable for the inner diameter of the 3.17 bullet, without reaming, assembly and replacement is more convenient.