AT89C4051-24PU 8-bit Microcontroller W/ 4K

AT89C4051-24PU 8-bit Microcontroller W/ 4K


The AT89C4051 is a low-voltage, elite CMOS 8-bit microcontroller with 4K bytes of Flash programmable and erasable read-just memory. The gadget is fabricated utilizing Atmel's high-thickness nonvolatile memory innovation and is perfect with the business standard MCS-51 guidance set. By consolidating an adaptable 8-bit CPU with Flash on a solid chip, the Atmel AT89C4051 is a great the microcontroller which gives an exceedingly adaptable and financially savvy answer for some installed control applications. 

The AT89C4051 gives the accompanying standard highlights: 4K bytes of Flash, 128 bytes of RAM, 15 I/O lines, two 16-bit clock/counters, a five-vector, two-level hinder engineering, a full duplex sequential port, an accuracy simple comparator, on-chip 

oscillator and clock hardware. Furthermore, the AT89C4051 is structured with a static rationale for task down to zero recurrence and backings two programming selectable power sparing modes. The Idle Mode stops the CPU while permitting the RAM, clock/counters, sequential port and interfere with the framework to keep working. The shutdown mode spares the RAM substance, however, solidifies the oscillator handicapping all other chip capacities until the next equipment reset.

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