Adjustable DC Voltage Regulator Module LM317

 Detailed Description
Compact, Non-isolated, adjustable linear voltage regulator module utilizing a LM317 IC for a wide range input/output voltages. Built in heat sink and filter capacitors. Ten turn voltage adjustment pot. Easy to connect terminal strips for input/output voltage. Small enough to build into projects. Ideal for converting 5V to 3.3V on those Arduino experiments.
Input: 4.2 – 40VDC
Output Voltage: ~1.2-37V Vin -3V (4.2V-40Vin)
Input to Output Differential: 1.6V Min
Output Current: 1.5 A 
Regulation: 0.01%/V
L: 1-7/16” W: 5/8” T: 1” WT: .02