Anti-static Wrist Strap Wired Discharge Band Grounding PVC ESD Antistatic Adjustable Prevents Static Build Up

Material: Flexible nylon yarn and copper ion conductive yarn woven
Resistor value: minus 500ohs+or-10%
Components: PVC with alligator clip conductive gauze
Static decay time: 0.1 (sec)
Coil parameters: PVC wire, containing 7-core copper wire platinum
Diameter: 2.2mm
Line length: 1.5m 
How it works:
Human skin and wrist strap on the direct contact with the static electricity to eat, when the wrist strap grounding, through the grounding system to quickly discharge static electricity generated by human movement

Adjustable Strap Fits Your Wrist Comfortably
Extra-long Coiled Cord for Wide Range of Movement
Protect Your PC from Static Electricity
Adjustable Strap Fits Your Wrist Comfortably

Package Includes:
1 X Anti-static Wrist Strap Wired