Arduino Sensor Shield V8.0

Sensor Shield was designed to help (for) Arduino users to connect various sensor modules easily. It saves much trouble for users to do the wiring, especially when there are so many modules connecting to Arduino.
This shield will make your work easy .If you do not have enough experience on hardware making, this sensor shield can help you a lot

Compatible with Arduino 1.0 pinout
Compatible with Arduino UNO/Leonardo/ DUE/Mega/Duemilanove
On-board VCC pins could be switched between 5V and 3V3
2.54mm spacing anti-reverse header which is also compatible of universal 2.54mm spacing female headers
Overlapping designing which allows other Arduino shield inserted on the top
On-board Rest button which could reset Arduino (Just like the Reset button on (for)Arduino)

Package Included:
1 X Sensor Shield V8.0