Benewake TF-LC02 Lidar Ranging Module DC 3-3.6V TTL for Arduino Raspberry Pi STM32


Measuring range: 3cm~200cm @ 90% reflectivity
Detection speed: 33msec
Accuracy:土2cm @ (3cm~100cm); ±5% @ (100~200cm)
Storage temperature: -20~85°C
Working temperature: -20~70°C
Size: 20mm* 11.5mm*7.6mm

Light source: VCSEL
Supply voltage: 3~3.6V
Center wavelength: 940nm
Average current: ≤15mA
Eye safety: Class1 (IEC60825- 1:2400)
Power consumption: ≤50mW
Field of view: ±9° (9° on the left and right of the optical central axis; 18° in total)
Communication level: LVTTL (3.3V)

Connector: 1.0mm 6P
Cable Length: 10cm(including connector)

Installation and use:
1. When installing, please ensure that the installation environment is sanitary and clean to prevent large particles of dust from adhering to the lens;
2. Avoid touching the circuit board directly with your hands, wear anti-static gloves or an anti-static wristband to operate;
3. There should be no obstruction between the lens part of the module and the mounting surface to prevent the optical path from being blocked and affecting performance;
4. When installing, the screws of the two mounting holes must be tightened, and the module must not slide left and right, and the lens of the module must be kept level.
-Low side);
5. The surface of the lens of the product should be kept clean during use. If there is dust or dirt or water droplets, it should be cleaned with cotton cloth immediately.

Mobile phone/tablet/computer and other terminal equipment
Measuring tools
For Smart home
Home robot

Package Includes:
1 X Benewake TF-LC02 Lidar Ranging Module