DFRobot Gravity: Analog TDS Sensor Module Water Solubility Conductivity SEN0244


This is an arduino-compatible TDS sensor for measuring the TDS value of water. The TDS value reflects the cleanliness of water and can be used for water quality testing in areas such as domestic water and hydroponics.

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Total dissolved solids, also known as total dissolved solids, indicating how many milligrams of dissolved solids are dissolved in 1 liter of water. In general, the higher the TDS value, the more lysate is contained in the water and the more unclean the water. Therefore, the size of the TDS can be used as one of the basis for reflecting the cleanliness of the water.

Designed for arduino, this product is plug and play and easy to use. The wide voltage supply of 3.3~5.5V and the analog signal output of 0~2.3V make this product compatible with 5V, 3.3V control system, which can be easily used in the ready-made control system. The excitation source used for measurement uses an AC signal, which can effectively prevent probe polarization, extend probe life, and increase the stability of the output signal. The TDS probe is a waterproof probe that can be immersed in water for long periods of time.

The product can be applied to water quality testing in the fields of domestic water, hydroponics and the like. With this sensor, you can easily DIY a TDS detector, and easily check the cleanliness of the water to make your water quality better.


TDS probes cannot be used in water above 55 °C.

The TDS probe should not be placed too close to the edge of the container, as it will affect the display.

The head and lead of the TDS probe are waterproof and can be immersed in water, but the connection interface and the signal adapter board are not waterproof. Please pay attention to use.


1. Wide voltage operation: 3.3~5.5V

2.0~2.3V analog signal output, compatible with 5V, 3.3V two control systems

3. The excitation source is an AC signal, effectively preventing probe polarization

4. Waterproof probe for long-term immersion in water

5. Arduino compatible, Gravity interface, simple connection, plug and play, no need to solder


  • Signal adapter board:
    • Input voltage: 3.3~5.5V
    • Output signal: 0~2.3V
    • Working current: 3~6mA
    • TDS measurement range: 0~1000ppm
    • TDS measurement accuracy: ±10% FS (25°C)
    • Size: 42*32mm
    • Module interface: PH2.0-3P
    • Electrode interface: XH2.54-2P
  • TDS probe:
    • Number of probes: 2
    • Overall length: 83cm
    • Connection interface: XH2.54-2P
    • Colour: Black
    • Other: Waterproof probe
  • TDS signal adapter board  x1
  • Waterproof TDS probe  x1
  • Gravity 3PIN analog sensor line  x1