DIY 13 in 1 Solar Power Robot Toy Kit Educational Solar New Robot Scorpion Tank DIY Assembly

The solar powered robot can be transformed into13 different robots modes which include a multitude of comical and functionalmovements . 
The user can easily change from wagging-tail dog >running beetle >walkingcrab >surfer >speedster >zombie chaser.... 
The robot kit provides unique accessories (included) and parts that make therobot move on land and water.

·Environmentally friendlylife, solar powered self installed toys enable children to understand how solarenergy can transform and generate electricity, and understand the use of solarenergy.

·It takes only 240 seconds tocharge solar energy, similar to other micro solar toys, so long as there issunlight, there will be momentum.

·Easy to assemble and easilyconvert 13 forms solar toys.13 times fun included!

·Intelligent assembly, simpleand quick! No need screwdriver, glue or wire! Manual assembly, children'shands-on ability get exercise

·This set of educational toysincludes a complete set of unique components.

[Assembly size]
Tortoise robot: 12.3*8.5*162.5px; 
Walker robot: 8*6*212.5px; 
Four level robot: 8.6*7*212.5px; 
Wheel robot: 17.1*9.3*9.5; 
Machine boat: 18.2*25.5*225px; 
Crustaceans: 11.5*9.4*212.5px; 
Machine dog: 12*7.2*225px; 
Car robot: 13*7*250px; 
Crab robot: 9.2*9*200px; 
Gliding robot: 15*9*9.5 cm; 
Tumbler robot: 7.7*9.3*232.50000000000003px; 
Zombie robot: 8.5*8.5*342.5px; 
Surf robot: 29*17.5*200px; 

Rowing robot: 18.7*25.5*250px