EWALL- EW2312 960KV Brushless Motor Green with Accessories (2pcs , CW and CCW )

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             The motor is manufactured by the EWALL 960KV series motor, having the exceptional features from other MAX2312 or DJI 2312 960KV series motors. It has a maximal faith of 850g and has extra potential that is 300W.

Model: EW2312-960KV
ESC required: 20A to 30A
Max Props Size: 9 to 10 Inch
Lipo: 3S to 4S (14.8V)
Max Size: 450 to 600mm
Max Current: 18A
Max Power: 300W
Max Trust: 850g
Weight : 50g. 

Recommended ESC : https://www.ewall.com.pk/product_view/30A-SimonK-program-ESC-Quad-Multi-rotors/228

Please check Pictures for more detail

Price= 2pcs