GSM/GPS 2.4G antenna RF seat SMA-KE KHD external screw inner pin coaxial connector

The SMA connector produced by our company is threaded connection, which has quick and reliable connection, anti-vibration and stable performance. It can be used interchangeably with the same international specifications.

SMA series coaxial connector

product description

The SMA series is a wide range of small threaded coaxial connectors with high frequency bandwidth, excellent performance, high reliability and long life. It is suitable for connecting RF cables or microstrip lines in the RF loop of microwave equipment and digital communication systems.

Series of SMA products one application extensive small-scale coaxial person who join that whorl join, it has a reliable characteristic with long life-span that the width, performance are excellent, high frequently. Suitable for the microwave equipment and body of the digital communication System and join the body in the cable or the micro-strip line frequently in the loop frequently

Main technical characteristicsTECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS 
temperature range Temp.range -65 ~ + 165 [deg.] C (the PE Cable -40 ~ + 85 [deg.] C)
Vibration MIL-STD-202, Method
213 characteristic impedance 
Impedance 50Ω
frequency range Frequency the Range the DC ~ 12.4GHz ( semi-rigid cable 0 ~ 
operation voltage working voltage 335V max ( RMS 
voltage withstand voltage 1000V rms ( sea level Min 
Contact resistance 
Contact resistance
between the inner conductor 
Center Contact ≤ 3 mΩ
between the outer conductor 
outer Contact ≤ 2 mΩ
insulation Resistance 
Insulation resistance ≥ 5000 MΩ
Insertion loss 
Insertion loss ≤0.15 dB/6 GHz
VSWR VSWR Straight Straight flexible cable 
≤1.10 + 0.002f
semi-rigid cable 
≤1.05 + 0.001f
Curved Right angle flexible cable 
≤1.20 + 0.003f
semi-rigid cable 
≤1.10 + 0.001f
durability Durability (mating) ≥500 Times ( cycles )

Material and coatingMATERIAL & PLATING
Housing shell brass, brass gold plated gold plated
pin contact pin brass, brass gold plated 
gold plated
jack socket beryllium beryllium gold plated 
gold plated
resilient contact piece elastic contact beryllium beryllium gold plated 
gold plated
insulator insulator poly Tetrafluoroethylene 
crimping sleeve crimp ferrule copper alloy copper alloy or 
nickel plated gold or gold plated 
o -type seal o-ring sealing silicone rubber 6146 silastic