Lithium Battery Voltage Indicator Display 1S 3.7V

* 25% When the battery voltage is over 3.3V, it will light up 1 block power amount

* half When the battery voltage is over 3.5V it will light up 2 blocks power amount

* 75% When the battery voltage is over 3.7V, it will light up 3 blocks power amount

* 100% When the battery voltage is over 3.9 it will light up 4 blocks power amount

* When the battery voltage is under 3.3V, 4 close showcases will be off and Only external Red Line wi ll On; it spethe aks to battery is und e r 3.3V,a nd you can charge the battery.


1.Battery sort power amount show

2.Wide application fields: lithium battery

3. Usin g Method: connect show load up positive and negative port with tried battery positive and negat i ve port,d the igital tube will show continuous battery power amount

4.Digital Color:out line red,display square blue (when battery power amount is full,it will be all on)

5.Size : 31×20mm/1.22×0.79in (Approx.)

Wiring :

Dark wire associate negative anode

Red wire associate positive

Associated the showcase board positive and negative terminals to the tried battery positive and negative side, at that point the digital tube will demonstrate the battery level