MP2307 LM2596 Kis-3r33s DC-DC 4.75 - 24V Adjustable Step-down Power Module Peak 4A Highest Efficiency Of 98%

Input voltage range: 4.75-24V
Output voltage range: 0.93V-18V (step-down operation mode, enter at least greater than the output 2V above)
Output Current: 2.5A peak output 4A continuous output!
Switch: With soft-off function! After microamps shutdown current low level!
Size: 45mm * 32mm * 1.6mm
Num: YS-TB
Technical Description:
Synchronous rectification technology! Maximum efficiency of 98%!
Efficiency Found: 12V turn 5V:
12V turn 5V efficiency = (5V * 1.001A) / (12V * 0.431) = 96.7%