Micro USB OTG Cable for 3DR Radio / APM to Control from Android Apps

Name: OTG cable
Purpose: MICRO to USB
Diameter: OD4.0
Color: Black
Material:Plastic and metal
Copper: Copper 7 10 GB
Finger: Stainless V8 longer needle
USB: fight endometrial
Cable length: 10CM
Ingredients: green line material, copper core, copper needles, longer needles
Application: Support OTG function tablet, phone, TV, cameras and other equipment - See more at: http://www.ewallpk.com/home/1270-micro-usb-otg-cable-adapter-for-samsung-htc-tablet-sony-android-tablet-pc-mp3-mp4-smart-phone.html#sthash.DLHSFG3Y.dpuf