OMNIBUS F4 PRO V3 F4 Flight Control for Racing Drone built-in OSD BEC ,barometer ,galvanometer

Name: F4 Pro V3 Flight Controller 

Size: 36x36mm 

FC Mounting Hole: 30.5mm x 30.5mm


 F4 Pro V3 with F4 processor, onboard Betaflight OSD, MicroSD black box, 5v3a sbec, video filter and current sensor.

With the leap in programming, it is now possible to connect VTX with Smartaudio functionality.

Built-in BEC (supports 1S-4S battery) ------ The v3 Pro version now includes a built-in BEC, so you can use your flying battery to power the board directly (up to 4S)

UPGRADE, Version 3 ------ Classic OMNIBUS design, use F4 MCU to control OSD over SPI bus, compare version, add BMP280 as barometer and SD card support.