Off-Road 4WD Robotic chassis Platform

Size: 270*225*140MM

Square chassis platform size: 165*160MM
Wheel diameter: 66MM
Bottom height: 65MM
Body material: acrylic thickness 3mm
The platform has a lot of preformed holes, convenient for users to install other modules
Voltage: DC6V
Speed: about 10 m / min
Can load: 2KG-5Kg
The price includes a body and a motor, not including control
Shipping list:
1, yellow dc gear motor 4
2, 65mm tire 4
3, HC-8 high-quality 3mm acrylic chassis 2 tickets + tripod 4 roots (get the goods chassis is with yellow paper protective film, prevent black chassis was scrapped, to tear to go)
4, accessory pack a bag (copper cylinder screws and nuts.