PH Electrode Probe BNC Connector for Aquarium PH Controller Meter Sensor

100% Brand new and high quality
BNC connector, suitable for most pH meter and controller with BNC connector.
Suitable for wide range of application: Aquariums, Hydroponics, Laboratory etc.
Measurement range: 0.00~14.00 PH
Zero-point: 7 +- 0.5PH
Alkali Error: 0.2PH
Theoretical Percentage Slope: ≥98.5%
Internal Resistance: ≤250MΩ
Response Time: ≤1min
Operating Temperature: 0-60ºC
Terminal Blocks: BNC plug
Cable length: Approx. 70cm

Package Include:
1 X pH Electrode Probe
1 X Calibration Solution